When You Have Been Accused Of Drunk Driving

You have been pulled over and the officer has charged with you drinking and driving. You are embarrassed and stressed about how this will impact your job and your future. Whether this is your first DUI charge or repeat DUI charge, it is vital that you get experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible.

At Robert C. Gardella, PLLC, I am a seasoned criminal defense attorney serving the Livingston County, Michigan, area. With many years of experience, I can help defend you against your drunk driving charge. Do not speak to authorities until you have talked to a lawyer. You have rights and an attorney can make sure they are upheld.

An OWI Charge In Michigan

You may have heard of a DUI or drunk driving charge. In Michigan, it is referred to as an “OWI” or “Operating While Intoxicated.” The legal blood alcohol content limit in Michigan is .08%. If you are pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol content at or higher than this, then the officer will charge you with an OWI. Even just a first-time OWI conviction can mean jail time, fines and a license suspension.

An even more serious charge is an OWI with a BAC over .17%. The penalties go up and there is a mandatory alcohol treatment program if convicted. There is a lot at stake if you are facing an OWI charge in Michigan. This is the time to make sure you hire an aggressive and seasoned defense attorney who can seek the best possible result for your individual case.

At my law firm, I help clients with all aspects of their case. From defending against criminal penalties to getting your driver’s license back, I provide comprehensive defense representation.

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