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When you are facing legal issues concerning your parental rights and time spent with your children, it can be difficult to deal with the stress and anxiety associated with your family law case. You don’t need the added stress of an unresponsive attorney.

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Experienced Help With Delicate Family Law Issues

I provide informative advice regarding Michigan child custody laws and guide you through the process of establishing a custody arrangement that works for you and your family. I am available to handle child custody issues in the context of a divorce or in a separate custody case. My services include:

  • Establishing child custody and parenting time:

    Many factors can influence child custody determinations. I assist with finding a child custody solution that meets your family’s needs while always keeping the best interests of your children as the focus of negotiations. A common child custody arrangement involves one parent having primary physical custody — meaning the child resides with this parent most of the time — and the other parent having parenting time (also known as visitation). Legal custody (control over major decisions involving the child) is typically shared by both parents unless shared legal custody would not serve the best interests of the children.

  • Modifying existing child custody orders:

    There will come a time when the existing child custody, visitation/parenting time or child support order no longer suits your family’s needs such as when one parent wishes to relocate to another state or when the child reaches an age at which current parenting time schedules are too restrictive. I assist clients with modification of child custody and parenting time orders as well as with child support modifications.

  • Enforcing custody and support orders:

    If the other parent is denying parenting time or refusing to adhere to the set parenting time schedule, I can assist in seeking court enforcement of the order. I also handle child support enforcements for clients in Michigan.

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My job is to protect you and your family’s interests — short- and long-term. I am available to guide you through child custody issues now, and as they arise in the future.

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