Do You Need Help With Your Divorce?

Divorce can be difficult. While parties more often than not go into a divorce with good intentions, you can never predict what will actually happen. Issues that didn’t seem possible can arise, and emotions can be a factor. That is why it is so imperative for any divorce to have an experienced divorce lawyer to protect your rights every step of the way.

If you are considering a divorce filing in Livingston County, reach out to Robert C. Gardella, PLLC. I am a divorce attorney with extensive experience and knowledge. I believe in high-quality and personalized legal counsel for all of my family law clients. Whether you are just initiating a divorce filing or you are facing a child custody issue post-divorce, it is important that you reach out to me to find out what your legal options are.

Handling A Wide-Range Of Divorce Issues In Michigan

Finding a divorce lawyer who can provide you with comprehensive divorce and family law counsel is also very important. I have handled all types of divorce issues over the years and can give you the catered legal representation that you are looking for. From the initial conversation about your divorce needs to post-divorce modifications, I am there for my clients.

Just some of the many divorce issues I handle, include:

  • Marital property division:

    I am familiar with the equitable division of virtually every type of property, ranging from marital homes and real property to businesses and intellectual property, pensions and benefits, 401(K) plans, IRAs, stock plans, QDROs and military benefits.

  • Child custody and parenting time:

    I provide legal help to parents with child custody and parenting time (sometimes called “visitation”) concerns related to divorce as well as those who need enforcement or modification of family court orders.

  • Child support:

    On Oct. 1, 2008, a change to the Michigan child support formula went into effect. I can help you with any child support issues you may have now as well as those arising under the new rules such as modification of your child support amount.

  • Spousal support:

    I represent women and men alike during the initial determination of temporary or permanent spousal support (alimony) as well as with enforcement and modification.

  • Interstate child custody issues:

    Whether for career, family or economic reasons, a parent may wish to relocate out of state. This not only affects parenting time, but can have jurisdictional implications. I am experienced in interstate child custody cases and the Interstate Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (ICCJEA).

These are just some of the matters that I can assist you with in your divorce. For more information about my divorce and family law practice as well as how I can help you, please contact me online. You can also arrange your free half-hour consultation by calling 810-220-4200.

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